A List of Gleanings: 2015

I wanted to get this post out yesterday, but it was a bit more hectic than I thought it would be.  2015 was a miraculous year for myself and our family, and I am forever grateful to the Lord for what He did in this past year.  One of the many blessings was the idea He gave me to go after women of God and glean as much wisdom as possible from them over coffee.

I started this whole adventure back in April.  Since then I have had coffee with 12 women, and I have gleaned the following:

  • Stay humble as a parent before your children so that your pride won’t keep them from being a healthy whole adult.
  • Treat your husband like the king he is and in turn he will turn around and treat you like a queen.
  • Hear the voice of the Lord and obey.
  • Walking with the Lord is an adventure.
  • If you stand still in your faith you will drift away.
  • The Lord equips those He has called.
  • God sees us and He cares what happens to us.
  • Without God our vision will always be distorted and our relationships will be corrupted.
  • Keep our vision of eternity widened.
  • God’s goodness…it is worth everything.
  • God, do whatever You have to do in my heart to cause me to follow You.
  • On my worst day, Jesus would still choose to get on the cross for me.
  • Give God your night and devote you heart to Him before you sleep.
  • How do You like to be with me Lord when I am not praying, fasting, or reading my Bible?
  • Study your Jewish roots, and as a Christian you will begin to see the completion of the story God is writing.
  • He is wanting us to miss Him so bad that we are willing to do anything to find Him again.
  • I want to love Jesus so much that I cry when I speak of Him.
  • Sins of the past are not your identity.  I am not a sinner I am now a saint because that other person is dead.
  • If it is bad now….He isn’t done yet.
  • I am a well-loved child of the King.
  • Our identity in Christ is our foundation….our soil.
  • Find the rhythm of getting into the presence of God.
  • God’s plan is bigger than my dream.
  • If we don’t know where our identity comes from we are useless to the Kingdom.
  • “No one can ever tell me that Jesus doesn’t exist.  I’ve experienced His love too much.”
  • He is good and always will be.
  • Without the Holy Spirit we stereotype people and judge people.
  • See people through the eyes of the Lord.
  • My life is a beautiful weaving between God and Me filled with dark and light threads that make a beautiful complete tapestry.
  • Beauty WILL come from ashes.
  • Don’t compare yourself with others.
  • We all come messed up to the Father.  It is just not okay to stay that way.
  • Use your today for the next generation.
  • Let’s do today.  I have enough grace and faith to do today.
  • Your child will pay attention to the voice that cheers loudest even if it is not the winning team.  So yell….loudly.
  • I am a daughter of the most high king.
  • When you know your identity in Christ the fun begins and the religion ends.
  • Crying is a sign of strength.
  • The Lord never changes but we can always go to Him and get a new glimpse of Him…daily.
  • Resting is a mindset.  Shabbat daily.
  • Shabbat meal- intentionally making room in our home to rest in Him, and dedicate the week to Him and bless our children.
  • Fathers, intentionally lay hands on your wives and children…it will change their future.
  • Tentology- The study of leaving the busyness of camp to intentionally meet with the Lord.  The study of meeting with God.
  • Anchor in the presence of God, and take it wherever you go.
  • Prayer is about relationship and abiding with the Lord.
  • Intercession is partnering with the Lord.
  • If you learn how to obey you will learn how to be.
  • Abide in the Lord and then you can be who you were meant to be.
  • Pray from the faithfulness of God.
  • Be kinder than necessary.
  • The Bible is a treasure chest.


After typing all of these up it is overwhelming to see the goodness of God and the wisdom he allowed me to glean this year.  I just really need to get it deep down in my soul, so that it in turn can produce fruit.

Looking forward to what gleanings the Lord has in store for 2016.


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