What If?: A poem. A prayer. A Good Friday Gleaning. by Megan Adams

What If?

Lord, what if it lifts?

What if we woke one morning and the virus was gone?  What if, POOF!, it vanished?  What if it was no more?  What if people who went to sleep with a fever woke without one?  What if those positive with the virus rested at night and tested the next day negative?  Like it never happened.  What if this went worldwide?  What if people just walked out of hospitals?

Lord, what if it lifts?

What if there was such a great global healing that it would only point to YOU Jesus…because your heart alone could do such a glorious beautiful thing?  One drop of Your blood alone could do it quicker than a thousand years of medical science could.  What if there was such a flood of healing to wash over the planet that it washed away Cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzeihimers, Depression, Heart Disease, and even Gout?  What if there was no disease in the world that could hide from your healing presence?  What if there was such a great wave of healing that it crashes over us that the doctors, nurses, and medical staff get a much needed sabbatical rest after the lifting?

Lord, what if it lifts?

What if the blind eyes are opened?  What if those who have poured themselves over and over the scriptures and “logically” could not find the truth in Your word could see it?  What if those who professed to be atheists have dreams of you Jesus?  What if they woke up?  What if all people of this earth dream of You?  What if every man, woman, and child no matter their age, race or religion woke up…woke up to you Jesus?  What if everyone could see and know the truth that YOU are THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE AND THERE IS NO GETTING TO THE FATHER BESIDES THROUGH YOU?  Lord, what if the lies that confuse the world about the truth of who You are just evaporate?

Lord, what if it lifts?

What if, the darkness is shattered?  What if demonic forces that have held so many captive were demolished?  Lord what if people actually see that their true self is found in you and not what they determine their identity is?  What if the idols of which we read about in the Old Testament, that are still being worshiped now…child sacrifice, Baals, Asherah poles were all torn down…and perhaps by the very people who worshiped them blindly?  Lord, what if we woke up and the millions that have been enslaved by wicked puppets returned home?  What if those wicked puppets who would try to train…no manipulate the world into their puppet show were caught?  Exposed to the masses.  What if every hopeless wicked threat they seep out was crushed?  What if You took the head off of all these snakes?  Lord, what if we woke and this darkness was gone?

Lord, what if it lifts?

What if, Your Bride comes together as you prayed for us before you died?  Because we are apart…we are dismembered.  Jesus, what if You mended us together in our sleep?  What if this is the time for us to see Your prayer come to life?  What if Lord we were all one as You Lord are one?  What if we fully realized the words you spoke, “that they all may be one, as You Father, are in Me, and I in You; that they also may be one in Us.”?  What if in this great unity we see Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Pentecostal, Nazarene, and Presbyterian hold hands?  What if the world could see this and know YOU Lord sent Jesus?  What if we sit in the truth of your love and not empty dogma?  What if we only sat in doctrine that causes us to come into YOUR glorious presence and not shame, fear, abuse, or retreat?  What if Your Bride rises up and fights?  Not against people, no, but what if we fought against lies?  What if we tore down strongholds?  What if we rose up against the evil dark spiritual forces of this world?  What if we woke up and interceded in tears for those who are blinded to lies?  What if we were the first to forgive and even wash the feet of those who betray us or persecute us….like You did with Judas?  Lord, what if we walked with such a fragrant aroma of Your Presence that its sweet perfume draws other to You?  Others who have not know You.  What if now is the time we get to manifest that love that You love us with?  What if we release miracles?  What if we were Jesus with skin on for SUCH A TIME AS THIS?  What if any garment of fear, pride, religion, shame, fake identity, insecurity, or false humility that keeps us, Your Bride, Your children, from walking in Your glorious power were stripped off of us?  What if we danced naked before Your Presence Lord, like David did?

Lord, what if it lifts?

What if, the apple of Your eye, Israel, saw that You, Jesus are THE Passover Lamb?  Lord, what if they took their rightful place in this time and stood on the hill and shined as a beckon of hope for all the world to see?  What if your chosen people humbly saw you Yeshua?  What if the scales that have kept your chosen people blind just fell off their eyes?  What if they ran and rushed to the Presence of Yeshua this day?

Lord, what if it lifts?

Lord, what if?  What if it just lifts?  In a Breathe.  In a moment.  In a blink of an eye.

Lord, what if it lifts?



On this Good Friday I also want to highly…HIGHLY recommend setting aside some time this day to listen and meditate on the presence of the Lord by listening to Steffany Gretzinger’s new album Forever Amen. Make sure you listen to it in order as well.  Here is a link:

Album | Forever Amen (Official Album Lyric Videos) Steffany Gretzinger


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