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In spring of 2015 I read an article from G Magazine(Gateway church’s women’s ministry magazine that is no longer in publish).  The article was written by a young woman who in the darkest time of her life started to meet with women of God weekly so that she could glean wisdom and hope as she gained footing in her new season with the Lord.  At the time I read it I was in the most difficult time of my life and scared for the future of my marriage and my little family.  I needed to cling to wisdom and hope, so I started to think about what meeting with wise women of God would look like to me.  I then began to read Ruth, and I found my answer in Ruth 2:8-9:

Then Boaz said to Ruth, “You will listen, my daughter, will you not? Do not go to glean in another field, nor go from here, but stay close by my young women.  Let your eyes be on the field which they reap, and go after them…

So I went after them.  I needed counseling and mentoring for my soul and the deep anguish it was going through.  I didn’t have the funds for a counselor so….I sought wisdom from those that had gone before me…and asked them to have coffee with me.

It is now 2020 and after many years of not pouring into Coffee Gleanings I am here doing just that….Sadly, it took a quarantine to do.  The reason I stopped writing before was because I kept butting up against my soul and couldn’t go any further in writing.  I was in the middle of a new post from a coffee date with a wonderful friend, but I never posted it because I could never complete it….my heart was so heavy and needed deeper healing.  The Lord allowed me to be counseled by many wise women in wonderful moments spent over coffee, but He wanted me to go a bit deeper.  So I went through Mending the Soul, took myself out of some leadership positions, and pruned back to make room for what the Lord wanted to do.  Since then, I have been able to get some counseling and group therapy to help heal the deep wounds in my soul…and still working on them daily.  If you want to know about my testimony and the reason for the darkness in my soul during that season you can check out our testimony in About the Bloggers page.

It is 5 years since I started Coffee Gleanings, and the vision is still the same but has changed….or possibly expanded is a better term.  I STILL want to meet with wise women of God over a cup of coffee and hear their story and how they love Jesus…I LOVE how encouraging testimonies are!  I have a whole slew of new friends coming into this new season, so….the gates are wide open for many new coffee dates.  However, not sure if I will be dictating them all by hand again…I will approach a new way to transfer my coffee dates to you.  But the expanded vision is to share wisdom that I, my husband Kyle, and anyone else that we invite to write for Coffee Gleanings to bring hope, encouragement and wisdom…all over a cup of coffee…..or tea if that writer only drinks tea….I do not want to leave my tea drinkin friends out to dry.  I want to know more of women’s stories, but now I want to know men’s stories, married couple’s testimonies, young adults, children….if you are a human I want to know your testimony and history with the Lord.  We want to know the divine moments where the Lord became real to God’s children…the moments where they touched the hem of His garment…the time they were fed by Him…miracles that have transformed their lives.  We want to know their personal love stories of falling passionately in love with Jesus.  Since, we are starting back in the time of COVID-19 and quarantine orders…..many testimonies will be Kyle and I’s personal gleanings, but I may try to squeeze a virtual coffee date with friends in there or two.

Honestly, we want this to be a call to action so to speak…a call for you to create a moment to make room for the presence of the Lord to change your life.  Whether it is over coffee, tea, or a kombucha (yup…I love it too) it is a moment of intimacy between you and the Lord to glean what He is giving you.  Read His word….let it change you.  Pray.  Worship.  Pray some more.  Share these moments with your friends, kids, husband or wife, or on your own.

Also, go have coffee with a friend and ask some of the questions we ask.  You will find your heart is for them and you will be their permanent cheerleader.  Also, it is so sweet to see how our Savior has PERSONALLY touched His children.  His heart is for them, and so should mine.  We want stories that allow us to see all sides of our Savior and give us hope.  Ultimately, it is our desire that Coffee Gleanings will provide a little hope, laughter, encouragement, and wisdom for all of us in the process.